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Thus it is limited and cannot conceive of eternity or what Yoga zen garage it is like not to have an ego; it is imbued with the thought that if Yoga zen garage something happens to the self or ego, it will cease to exist. Nothing could be further from the TRUTH. Civilization, even on our planet, can be measured also in very great periods of time.

Such civilizations are periodically dispersed or interrupted by geological phenomena ice ages, floods, the changing of continents, shifting of the earth’s axis, etc. but the true picture of what actually takes place during such periods has been greatly distorted by geologists and archeologists who have drawn their conclusions from the limited data available to them.

Consequently, our schools teach us of the ages of primeval creatures and how man eventually emerged in some sort of primitive form, gradually evolving into more and more of a civilizedcreature. According to Yoga philosophy, man has been on this planet for many times the number of years generally accepted in western thought. Furthermore, he was never a primitive creature; on the contrary, there have been golden agesduring which he was an extremely civilized creature, perhaps far more so than he is today.

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