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A range of technologies and events are able to generate ASC

According to Kroll and Bachrach (2005) there are no precise definitions of either our everyday Normal Consciousness (NC) or Altered States of Consciousness (ASC). NC is characterised by logical thinking; selective attention; reality orientation; constant variation in attention and intensity; a flux of consciousness; and a chattering mind. It is a moment-to-moment process of a continuous inner stream of thoughts and sensations some times related to outer events, sometimes inner scenarios like hopes, anxieties, grievances, plans and memories371.

Certain events and practices can bring us out of this mundane consciousness: a life threatening event, drugs, starvation, pain, and meditation, to mention only a few. ASC is a gradual process into which we can move deeper and deeper. It can subjectively and objectively be registered as changes in perception, cognition, anticipation, emotional state and self-awareness. There is a decisively altered sense of self, of reality and of perceptual processes. There is a sense of unreality: the awareness of reality seems narrow and there is an altered / estranged perception and interpretation of incoming sensory stimuli as well as of internally generated stimuli (thought, emotions). The controlling logical capacity feels diminished as the inner stream of thought is less organised and reality directed. Sometimes there is a sense that the perpetual inner dialogue has stopped.

Ankylosing spondylitis Hereditary progressive inflammation and eventual fusion of vertebral bodies Yoga for weight loss , largely in males. Fusion and virtual rigidity of the spine are frequently complete by the Yoga for weight loss early twenties, yielding a stooped or hunched thorax. anterior In the front. Anusara Yoga principles of alignment See Appendix III. arterial insufficiency A condition chiefly affecting older individuals in which the vascular system is unable to transport enough blood to supply adequate oxygen and nutrients to the periphery, including the muscles. arthritis Destructive inflammation of a joint or joints. When one is referring to types of arthritis, the plural is arthritides, in the manner of ancient Greek. asana Sanskrit term for yoga pose or poses, literally translated as seat or posture.

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