Yoga to Address Bone Deterioration

One of the consequences of menopause, due to the decrease of estrogen, is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis literally means “porous bones.” Lifestyle can play an important role in osteoporosis, but so can certain medications that have a debilitating effect on bones. Weight-bearing exercises and a healthy diet are vital to aging bones, but yoga can also play an important role in both stress management and posture. A woman’s frame can actually diminish with osteoporosis. Rounded backs, slumped shoulders, and vertebral fractures often contribute to the collapse of vertebrae. Practicing yoga assists with spinal alignment.

There’s no solid, worthwhile reason for women to wait to begin a yoga practice in order to manage moods, stave off bone loss, or assist with any of the other numerous proven benefits that yoga offers women. Yoga, for many people, both women and men, is an injection of inspiration no matter what passage or cycle of life one may be in or happen to be going through. A yoga class might not kiss PMS good-bye forever or help you conquer

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