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So maybe post-structuralist deconstruction is a contemporary equivalent to Patanjali yoga’s efforts to exorcise fabrications of imagination – delusions? A post-modern yoga? For me it has been so. Researching this book has frequently turned my thoughts about yoga upside down.

Within Buddhism yoga has been criticised since the time of Buddha. There is a popular story that Buddha said that most people suffered because they were materialists – they pursued temptations of this world which could never deliver full satisfaction. However, there was a more sophisticated materialism according to Buddha and that was the materialism of the yogi. The yogi pursued spiritual materialism. In both cases, this story concludes, there is an underlying thirst – someone striving endlessly for something. Which implies suffering. Hence spiritual thirst was the yogis’ deepest ignorance. The yogis’ liberation was to let go of the belief of final deliverance or final insight – which according to Buddha is wisdom!

Is one hip higher? This side is probably your concave Yoga postures for weight loss with pictures side in the lumbar spine. Firm your legs, take a big breath in, and Yoga postures for weight loss with pictures raise your arms up overhead. Interlace your fingers over your head, palms up. Exhale as you lean to the right and observe how your spine moves. Does it feel restricted in the upper part or the lower part? It will be more difficult to lean toward the convex side, and easier to lean toward the concave side. Does your back want to turn as you do this? A rotatory element in the scoliosis will cause a turn as you bend to the side. Return to center, and repeat on the other side. Write down what you discover about your curve, and confirm it with another observer.

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