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Polymorphisms commonly occurring gene mutations of the MTHFR gene can lead Yoga postures quotes to a reduced conversion of methylene-tetrahydrofolate to L-methylfolate see Sidebar 2. Resulting Yoga postures quotes in increased levels of homocysteine an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. For an in-depth discussion of the relationship between folate, other B vitamins, and homocysteine in depression, see the scholarly work of Teodoro Bottiglieri 2005. SIDEBAR 2.1 MTHFR POLYMORPHISM, FOLATE, HOMOCYSTEINE, SAMe, AND DEPRESSION On the MTHFR gene, a mutation at the 677-base position due to a substitution of a cytosine base C by a thymine T results in a less active form of the enzyme, a C T polymorphism. The normal genotype C/C has 100% enzyme MTHFR activity. However, MTHRF activity declines to 71% with C/T and 34% with T/T genotypes.


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