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The practice of trul-khor is believed to purify karma Yoga postures 7 chakras , eliminate negativity, and engender peace. Yoga Postures, Breathing and Meditation A three- Yoga postures 7 chakras month study of medical students compared a program of yoga postures and breathing, prayer, visualization, and meditation with a control reading group. The yoga group had significant mean reduction on the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory the day of examinations -34% versus control +3.

Malathi & Damodaran, 1999. A randomized controlled trial of 25 adolescents with irritable bowel syndrome assigned to either one hour of yoga instruction yoga postures with deep breathing followed by four weeks of daily home practice or a wait-list control found that those in the yoga group showed significantly lower scores on gastrointestinal symptoms and emotion-focused avoidance Kuttner et al., 2006. Musicians were offered a yoga and meditation program in a nonrandomized, selfselected study. Those who did not choose yoga served as controls.

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