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Further research is needed to explore the potential benefits of mind Yoga poster 908 poses -body practices, which can provide a relatively low-cost, low-risk means Yoga poster 908 poses to relieve PTSD in large populations affected by mass disasters in situations where health care systems may be overwhelmed and ineffective. McCormick 2002 described benefits of a yoga program for relief of symptoms of PTSD in children and adults following the September 11 attacks on the New York World Trade Center.

The program included self-observation, group sharing and discussions of PTSD experiences, breathwork, guided meditation, body scan with relaxation, yoga stretches, and awareness of emotions. Although formal testing was not done, participants reported feeling in better control with more resilience after the yoga program. Children became more spontaneous in creative expression and physical movement activities. Breath Water Sound BWS is an eight-hour course that includes Ujjayi breathing, Bhastrika, AUM chant, psychoeducation in stress reduction, and positive philosophy with group processes. Sometimes 10 minutes of Sudarshan Kriya cyclical breathing or alternate nostril breathing are added to the program. It is usually given free of charge by the International Association for Human Values for the psychological relief of large populations in the aftermath of mass disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, war, and terrorist attacks Gerbarg & Brown, 2005b.

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