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Anxiety Disorders Patients with anxiety disorders, particularly those who tend Yoga poses for weight loss step by step to hyperventilate and have panic attacks, need preparation before taking a yoga breathing course. When Yoga poses for weight loss step by step they begin to do rapid breathing, if they start to worry about having a panic attack, their own worry may bring one on.

The clinician should explain the purpose of the course and review the activities that will be encountered. It is extremely helpful to explain to patients that they will be learning fast and slow breath techniques and that if at any time during the fast breathing they begin to feel anxious, they can simply slow the respirations down to a medium or even a slow rate.

It is not necessary to do all of the rapid breathing in order to benefit from the training. If they begin to experience lightheadedness, paresthesias tingling sensations, or cramping in their hands or feet, they should exhale less forcefully to avoid blowing off too much carbon dioxide. Breathing more gently will relieve the uncomfortable sensations. Careful preparation will enable patients to avoid triggering a panic attack and to obtain a sense of control.

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