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5 This energetic lengthening will help you to know where your body yoga poses for weight loss is more mobile and less mobile. Look for the following ideally with someone else watching to yoga poses for weight loss report what he or she sees. What you see will help you determine where your curves are, and therefore help you to do the exercises on the correct side: If one shoulder is higher, if one arm is difficult to straighten, or if the ribs are more prominent on one side, that is the convex side of your thoracic spine.

If one side of the waistline looks more indented or if one hip is harder to stretch away from the wall, that is your concave side in the lumbar spine. Compare these observations with those you made in previous poses. To come up, breathe in and step toward the wall or table as you raise your torso.

Part II: Strengthening the Convex Side Important Note: These are the exercises to do every day. The more you do them, the sooner you will begin to reduce your curve and approach true symmetry.

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