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Activity often gets mixed up with exercise, but they are two different things, and doing one increases your propensity towards the other. You must have heard about truck drivers losing sperm mobility and fertility due to long hours of sitting and the heat that it generates in the genital area. All of us on our hot seats and cool gadgets are pretty much versions of that truck driver, complete with UTI and even the itch.

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What you need is to move more than what you are currently doing, stand often, take a little walk around your house or office; in fact, sit only if there’s nothing else you can do about it. Sitting and the lack of physical activity (PA) it brings is now a well-documented and independent risk factor, just like smoking is. It means that if you generally eat right and work out, but just sit around too much, then it still leaves you vulnerable to cardio-metabolic diseases. Sitting is the new smoking. In fact, just fifteen minutes of activity per day reduces the risk of heart diseases. Fifteen minutes is very little, but exercise science studies point out that we aren’t even moving that much.

Activity is like the little sister of exercise: if you stay active you are much more likely to exercise and vice versa. So sitting for less time and moving your body, your muscles, really is critical to good health, and the baby will inherit this health so don’t be casual about physical activity and exercise.


Exercise is doing PA in a structured manner and with much more intensity. E.g.: walk to the store to buy a yoga mat or onions—activity. Walking, interspersed with running repeated five times and for a total of thirty minutes —exercise. Get it? The reason why obesity, PCOD and thyroid are supposed to come in the way of you getting pregnant is because they come in the way of regulating your blood sugars properly. And exercise is the medicine for that, with the additional benefits of improved mood, sex drive and egg/sperm quality.

In pharmacology, there is something called a ‘target-dose-response’ relationship and that is exactly what plays itself out here too. The target is the muscle, the dose is exercise and the response is better blood glucose control. No exercise for ten days and the OGTT test will show almost double the amount of insulin. OGTT is the oral glucose tolerance test (or OGCT, oral glucose challenge test) that is often done on pregnant women to check their propensity for gestational diabetes. Just one bout of exercise and the insulin sensitivity comes back and continues to stay strong for the next seventy-two hours.

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