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The fourth level of treatment, designed to help overcome this Yoga poses with pictures handicap, was a trial of pheromones bioactive compounds that may activate receptors in the olfactory epithelium Yoga poses with pictures and enhance innate attraction;; Cutler & Genovese, 2002. The validity of two studies showing increased sociosexual behaviors with synthetic pheromones was questioned due to statistical and sampling errors Winman, 2004. Though we could not entirely rule out a placebo effect, the results were spectacular. Ms. W.’s dating increased from zero up to six or seven days a week, and sometimes several dates in one evening.

The theory of consciousness as sketched above does not, in my opinion, reduce the individual yogic experiences to simply trance’. It recognises that the technologies of yoga might produce very specific and unique phenomenological experiences. It further underlines the issue of intersubjectivity – that the yogic experience is defined by and gets its meaning from its context of doctrine and society.

I believe this model to be a humanistic interpretation as discussed by D. L. Pals (1994) in a paper on how to explain religious experiences’. Such a humanistic interpretation explains the meaning of yoga (and religion) in relation to the individual in the same way as it would explain poetry, paintings, philosophy, law or music. They are creations of and relate to conscious human intelligence, will and feeling. So here yoga discourse is not reduced to something else (opium for the oppressed, sub-conscious processes, collective projections) but explained as emerging on its own from human actions and their interpretations. Humans can create semi-autonomous cultural practices, producing experiences, emotions and interpretations that thrill and enchant us to such a degree that we move into further explorations of actions and interpretations. His cultural history of yoga explores the symbolic and power aspects of such semi-autonomous cultural practices and how they are affected by it.

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