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Unfortunately, many companies are producing low-grade SAMe and Yoga poses nature selling it at bargain prices. Not only do these products lack efficacy, they can also Yoga poses nature cause more side effects. When you recommend SAMe to your patients, advise them to purchase products of proven quality and those in which each tablet is protected within its own foil blister pack to preserve full potency longer.

In Appendix A, the reader will find a list of reliable SAMe products. SAMe should not be stored in the refrigerator because the tablets can be damaged by the condensation of water inside the blister packs. Also, the tablets should not be split because the enteric coating protects them from degradation by digestive enzymes. HERBS FOR MOOD DISORDERS Herbs contain numerous bioactive substances in their leaves, flowers, and roots.

The concentration of medicinal compounds in herbal preparations may be affected by growing conditions, time of harvest, method of drying, and extraction procedures.

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