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One should not assume that HYP and the texts following it were textbooks written by Kanphata jogi gurus for Kanphata jogi students. Many of these were probably illiterate rural itinerants maybe organised by displaced urban elites. HYP and the later hatha-yoga texts were all written in Sanskrit, so their audience was very narrow and small. Thus we see here various urban elite groups addressing each other – new elite formations trying to get recognition from their peers, protectors and patronage by publishing a text. Most probably the HYP had very little to do with the actual life and practice of the rural Kanphata yogis.

The HYP proposes a six-limb yoga – seven-limb, if we include diet’ as a limb: asana (15 of them, most meditation poses), shatkarma (physical cleansing), pranayama, mudra (seals), bandha (locks) and samadhi. It presents hatha-yoga as a bodily oriented process of practices, which lead to and end up as samadhi, also called raja-yoga.

Take the number 5 . You accept a check for five Yoga poses during labor dollars if you believe that the check is good.It is good if the required number Yoga poses during labor of dollars are in the bank. The check is not the real five dollars; it is a convenient substitute. The symbol 5has no value of its own. It has value only if what it supposedly represents really exists. Because most checks do have the necessary backing, we are able to conduct a vast number of transactions through checks. Millions of checks change hands in the faith that dollars are actually there to back them up, and that the gold and silver reserves are behind the dollars.

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