Yoga Poses For Knee Pain

Abnormal wearing of the cartilage can be caused by trauma or overuse of the knee. Cartilage can be torn by forcefully rotating the knee beyond its endurance. Pain can vary from mild to severe, and there may be swelling. When the tendons are injured & become inflamed, it is known as tendinitis, which can be quite painful. The extreme version of tendinitis is a ruptured or torn tendon. When this happens, it’s quite painful and makes bending or extending the leg difficult… Ligament sprains, strains or tears usually cause pain, swelling, and difficulty walking; often the knee will buckle, and there will be a popping sensation… When the cartilage of the knee degenerates and gradually wears away, it is known as osteoarthritis. ”17 (Larry Payne)

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– We may experience knee pain, such as arthritis or tears to the ligaments and cartilage. We may have suffered an accident or injury that is causing the problem. However, knee pain, stiffness, or inflexibility reflects inflexibility in our perception of the future. We may want to use extra caution in yoga while practicing Asanas on the knees. One option is placing extra padding under your knees, such as a blanket or double folding our mats. If your knees are painful, even with extra padding, we should omit Asanas that are uncomfortable. With time, other Asanas that we can freely perform will bring more flexibility to body and mind. This flexibility brings new ideas and openness, and eventually, knee pain will start to sofen.

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