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The ordinary mind sustains itself in terms of opposites, continually Yoga poses cartoon alternating between one extreme and the other. That is how it reasons and makes decisions. Yoga poses cartoon It determines how good something is by measuring it against varying degrees of bad; it presents a picture of joy by contrasting it with despair. It will have you believe that not only is there an /which it perpetuates as we have discussed, but that there is a good I and a bad I and that through your ingenuity and resourcefulness the good I will engage in battle with the bad I and overcome him. And around and around the circumference of the circle you go, the good I in a desperate chase to catch up with the bad I so that he can fix up the bad I and make him as good as the good I. Do you see what an impossible task the ordinary mind has undertaken for you?

The good I can no more catch up with the bad I and reform him than one end of a stick can catch up with the opposite end. The good I in all of his goodness and the bad I in all of his badness spring from the same source and both are phantoms, shadows manufactured by the ordinary mind, having no real existence. You may like to think of the real you as being associated with the good I in alliance against the bad I, but if so, you again have at least three yous: 1 an original I who is allied with the 12 good I who are in battle to subdue the 3 bad I.

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