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Similarly, acetyl-L-carnitine can relieve fatigue in Yoga poses benefits patients with AIDS. Two open trials and one DBRPC study of 90 patients found that acetyl Yoga poses benefits -L-carnitine also significantly relieved pain from peripheral neuropathy in AIDs patients Youle & Osio, 2007. Mind-Body-Spirit Practices In persons living with AIDS, anxiety has a profound impact on quality of life and it can interfere with adherence to antiretroviral therapies. Anxiety disorders are correlated with subjective pain and the rate of disease progression in HIV.

All components of heart rate variability, a marker of cardiac autonomic tone, were significantly reduced in a study of 21 HIV+ adults when compared with 18 healthy volunteers Mittal, Wig, Mishra, & Deepak, 2004. Interventions that improve autonomic balance and tone may be beneficial see Chapter 3. A study of the effectiveness of strategies for self-management of anxiety in an international sample of 1,072 persons from Norway, Taiwan, and the United States with HIV/AIDS found that 502 47% reported HIV-related anxiety.

The most commonly used strategies for managing anxiety included talking with family and friends, watching television, walking, and talking with a health care provider. On a scale of 1 to 10, the highest overall ratings of effectiveness were given for prayer 8.1 SD 2.3, meditation 7. Women were more likely to use prayer 76% versus 25% of men. Men were more likely to use alcohol 40% versus 25% of women Kemppainen, Eller, Bunch, Hamilton, Dole et al., 2006. R. Rosea and acety-L-carnitine or propionyl-L-carnitine can reduce fatigue in persons living with AIDS with very few side effects.

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