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The concentrative meditation practice used in this study, Pauri Kriya Yoga poses basic , is a Kundalini technique similar to one used by Shannahoff-Khalsa. It includes controlled Yoga poses basic inhalation while mentally repeating syllables combined with finger movements followed by controlled exhalation while reciting syllables aloud creates airway resistance and coordinating finger movements. Art of Living Foundation: Sudarshan Kriya Yoga An RCT of 62 people 47 completers living with HIV/AIDS found positive changes in wellbeing on the Mental Health Index MHI and the MOS-HIV Health Survey immediately following a course in yoga breathing, meditation, and yoga postures by the Art of Living Foundation.

These improvements were lost over time on follow-up tests. The Daily Stress Inventory indicated an increase in the impact of stress over time after the program. Qualitative interviews revealed that participants in the yoga breathing course showed positive changes in how they were living their daily lives Brazier, Mulkins, & Verhoef, 2006. This loss of positive effects over time is probably due to nonadherence to daily yoga practice and nonattendance at weekly follow-up sessions. This study illustrates the difficulties of maintaining yoga practices over time in HIV patients whose lives may be disrupted by physical problems and the multiple stressors they face.

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