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Introducing the HYP

The HYP is grouped into 4 chapters. Chapter one (67 verses) is about asana and diet, chapter two (78 verses) about shatkarma and pranayama, chapter three (130 verses) about mudra and bandha and the final chapter four (114 verses) is about samadhi . Most verses are short postulates or instructions unsupported by arguments. There is no build up of lines of argument.

HYP is written in the ideological style of seeking authority by claiming that a god is behind the scripture. This can be seen from the opening verse: Salutations to the glorious original guru Sri Ardinath (i.e. the god Siva) who instructed the knowledge of hatha yoga .. Hence there are only instructions in HYP – no supporting evidence is offered (gods do not need to document and reason). So very often the verses sound like a modern health magazine promoting different wonder products: if you do so and so then you will quickly achieve perfection , we are told repeatedly.

Rhodiola rosea Extensive studies of cosmonauts in Swedish/Russian space Yoga poses advanced research found that Rhodiola rosea strengthened the sympathetic nervous system SNS and parasympathetic nervous system PNS function Yoga poses advanced while improving mental and physical endurance Baranov, 1994; Brown & Gerbarg, 2004; Brown, Gerbarg, & Ramazanov, 2002; Polyakov, 1966. Several modern studies have shown that R. Rosea reduces mental and physical fatigue while increasing alertness, accuracy, and mental focus, particularly under stress, in healthy subjects Darbinyan, Aslanyan, Embroyan, Gabrielyan, Malmstrom et al., 2007; Shevtsov et al., 2003; Spasov, Mandrikov, & Mironova, 2000; Spasov, Wikman, Mandrikov, Mironova, & Neumoin, 2000. For a more detailed discussion of R. rosea see Chapter 4.

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