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Entrainment is the process by which certain patterns of electrical activity Yoga poses 6th chakra , through repetition, become locked-in and consequently resistant to change. Disentrainment refers to Yoga poses 6th chakra the use of slightly higher or slightly lower frequency compared to the entrained frequency of electrical activity rhythmic feedback to the brain during neurotherapy to reduce the amplitude of these pathological locked-in patterns with a subsequent shift toward normalcy Larsen, 2006; Ochs, 2006; Schoenberger, Shif, Esty, Ochs, & Matheis, 2001.

SKY may unlock entrained pathological patterns and provide opportunities for new linkages and configurations to form. Under conditions of safety and relaxation, new input experiences, concepts, emotions with positive affective valence may gain access to previously closed areas containing trauma schemas, promoting permanent structural change and recovery McCormick, 2002. Santhi Kriya Yoga Santi Kriya Yoga includes yoga movements, a variety of yoga breath forms pranayam, and rounds of cyclical breathing in two rhythms, one faster and one slower.

While resting supine, practitioners also perform a body scan and meditate on the chakras centers of psychic energy, part of the yogic concept of consciousness and sensory organs. In a small study of eight subjects, 30 days of practicing Santi Kriya led to increased alpha synchrony in prefrontal and occipital areas of the cerebral cortex Satyanarayana, Rajeswari, Rani, Krishna, & Rao, 1992. Total cortical alpha is associated with a state of relaxation, calmness, and enhanced awareness.

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