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Interoceptive information about moment-to-moment changes in the Yoga poses 2 person state of the airways, lungs, and respiratory apparatus travels up the vagus nerves and is Yoga poses 2 person delivered to the insula along with other messages from chemoreceptors and baroreceptors. This information constitutes the peripheral feedback that can influence emotional processing. Yoga breathing is based on the volitional change of breathing patterns. As such, it provides a unique opportunity to deliberately alter interoceptive feedback to the brain.

Through introspection and by external measurements, it is possible to observe specific shifts in cognitive and emotional processing induced by yoga breath practices and potentially to identify specific therapeutic breath techniques. Most forms of yoga and meditation begin with breath awareness and gradual slowing of the respiratory rate. This initiates activation of the PNS, quiets the mind through ascending afferent vagal pathways to the central autonomic network, and relaxes the body through efferent pathways as well as neuroendocrine release see Figure 3.2.

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