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Hatha-yoga among the elites in Muslim India

We now leave the countryside and investigate the fate of the written hatha-yoga discourse among the Indian elite after the publication of Hatha Yoga Pradipika in the mid 15th Century. As we shall see, there was very little further development of the theoria and praxis of hatha-yoga. Most writings were about including hatha-yoga in existing theological and religio-philosophical systems. Some few writings however tried to give a more comprehensive overview of the hatha-yoga signs, but on closer examination they mostly turn out to be a part of inclusive strategies. Here follows a short introduction to some of them.

The Gheranda-samhita from the 18 century was written by Gheranda. He did not mention the word hatha but talked instead about ghathasta-yoga – meaning a yoga based on the approach of the body’ (Gharote 1978). However the Gheranda-samhita drew clearly on the Hatha Yoga Pradipika (HYP) and added very little to it.355 It did however introduce a few novel asanas which were more complex and strenuous than those of the HYP. But asana was still not a core concern of practice. Many scholars claim that this text is mainly about incorporating hatha-yoga signs into a Vaishnavite discourse. But the purpose of writing the text is not clear.

It can and should be rested. Through this observation practice Yoga nidra for sleep you will, more and more, be able to quiet the restlessness of your ordinary mind Yoga nidra for sleep and greatly conserve your life-force. As the ordinary mind is stilled, one is able to become increasingly aware of the presence of the Universal Mind. Therefore, the physical and mental observation techniques which we have termed active meditationbecome extremely meaningful. THE THREE BODIES: KEY TO SPIRITUAL UNITY We know that we have a physicalbody; but we will now learn also of the emotionaland the mentalbodies. These actually exist in the sense that they are composed of matter. However, this matter is far more refined than the physical body and consequently the emotional and mental bodies are known as the subtlebodies. It is important to understand that the emotional and mental bodies, being composed of matter, are subject to the laws which govern matter.

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