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Welcome to their own yoga it’s not unlikely that we will experience pain in life I did a yoga practice sigh did some big back bends. And I’m hurt my back a little bit I finished the practice I go about my day and I could still feel my back maybe it’s or maybe it’s even a little injury that will probably go away I have a few options one option is to focus on the paint and make out a bit a big deal I can call a friend and tell them about it I can just keep reminding myself that it’s uncomfortable and complain to myself or to others why did I do this I shouldn’t have or why did I push myself or any other thing that comes from my mind another option is to recognize that there’s a sensation in the body maybe it’s not a comfortable sensation.

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But to let that sensation be. So I feel the sensation in the back great now I go by and do whatever else I need to do for the day, if maybe there’s something I need to do like put a cream I sit or just something else that’s actually useful great I’ll do that as well when I go ahead and add pain from my mind I’m reinforcing the pain, if I talk about it, if I focus about it, if I think of it what I’m doing is I’m actually creating a new conditioning that has this memory stuck deep in the head. So that not only was this a little bit of pain with maybe a little bit of suffering the suffering has become greater.

And it was more likely that, if I get injured again it’ll be even worse. Because that would beat myself up even more my mind is already used to that kind of drama that kind of activity so whenever something occurs and things occur to all people whether it or not see, if you can do what you need to do take care of whatever really needs to be taken care of. And then let it go don’t focus on it too much don’t talk about it too much try not to make a big deal out of things. Because otherwise we’re creating pain of pain we’re adding mind pain right this is an extra pain in addition to the physical pain that we’ve experienced. So let’s all hopefully have less pain and more happiness in life thank you.

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