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If so, send a message to the areas involved to Yoga key west relax and not to repeat these movements. You must actually give this order because you are Yoga key west dealing with something which you will find is very much like a child; it will do things its own way and push you as far as possible until it is corrected. Your body must be disciplined like a child, calmly but forcefully. You are, in fact, reeducating your body and as the various areas are convinced that you are serious just like the child, they will begin to obey.

Simply observing that a muscle is tense is not enough in the beginning; you must give it the order to relax and you may have to repeat this order frequently over a period of some time before the childlearns to respond. But as it realizes that you are serious, it will respond. Remember that it takes a lot of your energy to hold a muscle tensed or in a strained manner, to tap your fingers or feet, or to chew gum for several hours. If you are doing these things, especially unconsciously, you are certain to be losing vital life-force.

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