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The Western physical culture’ discourse

The British scholar Mark Singleton (2010) agrees to some extent – along with more and more scholars – that modern yoga poses originate outside the original hatha-yoga discourse. However Singleton expands the discourses of influence by implying that most of the late colonial Indian asana discourses mentioned by Sjoman were themselves outgrowths of European body discourses. So Singleton instead directs our focus towards modernist Western body discourses, as they emerged during the 19 century and moved into global culture circuits at the turn of the 20 century.

Around 1900 as bodybuilding, photography and cheap printing presses emerged they inspired Indian colonial elites. Bodybuilders like C.R.D. Naidu, P.K. Gupta, M.V Krishna Rao, K.VIyer, Yogacarya Sundaram took up the challenge and kicked into action a new Indian health culture. Here, says Singleton, they combined the new with existing Indian body exercises. For instance, they developed the movement sequence that we today know as sun-salutation. Their aim was framed by the Western physical culture discourse – a holistic, healthy and strong body, mind and soul.

Pseudogout Goutlike episodes caused by calcium pyrophosphate crystals, rather than Yoga instructor jobs the urate crystals that irritate the synovial membrane in true gout. It is also associated with Yoga instructor jobs calcification of the articular cartilage, known as chondrocalcinosis. quadriceps The prominent muscle at the front of the thigh that straightens the knee. Radiculopathy Compression or injury to the nerve roots that exit the spine. Reiter’s syndrome Autoimmune arthritis following a bacterial infection of the intestines or genitourinary system, generally affecting joints of the lower extremities and the ligaments and tendons that cross them. Also known as reactive arthritis, it may be accompanied by palmar or plantar rash, oral or genital sores, and inflammation of the eyes. retraction Movement of the scapulae shoulder blades backward, toward the dorsal aspect of the thorax. In human anatomy, it is nearly equivalent to adducting them, that is, bringing them toward the spine.

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