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How important was ASC to the yoga discourse?

As we have seen in this book, the modern Western mind-set – tainted by romanticism, individualism, Protestantism and so on – has been preoccupied by consciousness and ASC. This has distinguished the modernist yoga discourse of the last 200 years. For instance, orientated by this filtering (habitus), we have prioritised and moved the Yoga Sutra and the Upanishads – all focussing on ASCs – into the foreground. We have envisaged such texts to express the core principles of yoga’. Hence other versions of yoga – like for instance contemporary forms – were classified as secondary and satellites’. So does this book not repeat the 200-year-old modernist reconstruction of yoga by now highlighting ASC?

First of all, the fact that we are today biased in our pre-occupations due to our habitus does not imply that we are necessarily wrong in our identification of real historical trends – but there is of course a heightened risk. We cannot logically exclude – just because of our bias -the possibility that ASC might actually have been central in the mind-set of people who were engaged in yoga and many other similar discourses.

There are no neurological sequelae such as paresthesias, numbness, Yoga grand rapids weakness, or sciatica. Recent literature suggests that many cases identified as facet syndrome are actually Yoga grand rapids segmental rigidity, simple tightening of the longitudinal muscles along the spine. External rotation Clockwise revolving motion of the right arm and leg; counterclockwise revolving of the left limbs. At the ankle and wrist, these movements are termed supination. fibrocartilaginous triangle Tough diagonal tendinous bands that essentially hold the skeleton of the hand together from the palm side. flexion Motion of bones toward one another at a joint generally to the functional position, toward the front. One exception is ankle and toe flexion, which to physicians means pointing the foot and toes downward. Gait cycle The repetitive series of movements that each foot, ankle, knee, and hip and the trunk and arms go through with each pair of steps.

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