Yoga for Osteoarthritis of the Ankle Vir Asana

Namaskar I am David odde and welcome to unenjoyable yoga for osteoarthritis of angles osteoarthritis of anchors reduces the range of movement of the ankles there is swelling in the ankles and most of the time there is pain in the ankles this set of Awesome’s will help you prevent your ankles from having osteoarthritis, if osteo arthritis is detected early it will also help you to cure the osteoarthritis please do this set of arsons as per your capacity vir Asana this Arsen helps you to strengthen the ankles to go in varus on your first sitting on the toes up right on the heels so slowly raise the buttocks up take the toes behind.

And away from each other. So In this position the knees are touching each other those are away from each other pointing behind now slowly it is set between the feet so your calves are away from the body slightly toes pointing behind back erect eyes closed the palms on your thighs just enjoy this arson this will not only strengthen your ankles. But also help them to become more flexible, if you are not comfortable in this arson what you can do is use the yoga blanket under your butter which will help you to reduce the strain on the ankles then to come out again open your eyes slide the hands forward take the buttocks up take the toes in and rest on the heels and relax.

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