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The Soul’s release after death; mystical realisation of the One (principle of universe); god contemplation; Siva-bhoga; peace of mind; ecstatic meeting of divine polarities; mental and physical healing; ontological and metaphysical gnosis; ritual worshipping; release of Kundalini; the isolation of purusha; achievement of semidivinity or even divinity; physical immortality; beauty and energy re-charge; Sayujya (union); immortality of the soul; possession of worldly powers; insight into the causes of suffering; mortification of the senses; metaphysical union; mental powers; purification; Brahmajana (brahman knowledge); still mind; energising the vital body; preparation and facilitation of Gnostic wisdom; Siva consciousness; perfection; physical flexibility; self-sacrifice; re-juvenation; Siva-anubhava (Siva experience); and preparation for peaceful death.

Further, there was never agreement within the numerous yoga discourses about defining crucial issues such as: what are the content, priority, numbers and purpose of the various yoga technologies (i.e. ancillaries/ limbs); when is a technique yogic and when not; is the purpose achieved through self effort or dependent on guru initiation or god’s grace; and what is the final identity of the transformed person? All these issues are what yoga discourses traditionally deal with. Mostly but not always this struggle for the power to categorise the yoga sign took place between professional specialists giving rise to yoga as a cultural field. Within the wide yoga discourse there was from day one no agreement on these issues and the situation did not improve over time.

Lift your left arm high on the wall. Test whether Yoga for kids you are more comfortable with your palm or the back of your hand on the wall. Yoga for kids Firm your arm muscle; retain the upper arm deep within the Yoga for kids shoulder joint. Inhale, lift up through your torso, and lean sideways toward the wall Yoga for kids until your hip and possibly your shoulder area touch the wall. Lengthen your sides. Gradually intensify this side stretch during several breaths. You can step a little farther from the wall for a deeper stretch. Repeat this movement several times; then turn and repeat on the other side.

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