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Hence, if we follow this line of investigation, we realise that most of the use-value attributed to yoga practices throughout history was connected with power discourses and symbolic-value – that is accumulation of symbolic capital. It is central to yoga discourse to let the two value forms flow into each other: making utility into symbols and symbols into utility. The yoga discourse almost automatically charges ASC with symbolic significance elevating the yoga virtuoso, his experiences and capabilities to a high status totem. To be associated with yoga was the path to political power, high status and holiness. As the yoga discourse almost by default tends to turn the use-value into symbolic-value, I have suggested that we treat the tangible physio-psychological outcomes of yoga as very limited and explained by non-yogic sign systems. If we instead – for instance as a yoga student – follow the various yogic use-value definitions, they tend to slip from our hands and rapidly turn into social symbols.

The yoga totem provided the fuel and dynamic giving the yoga discourse enough historical persistence and stamina to compensate for its lack of institutional support

Grasp your right leg with both hands and cross it over Yoga erie the left. Stack your right knee on top of your left, with the feet to Yoga erie the sides. If your knees stay very high up, use more support under your hips. Manually separate the buttocks as much as possible. This will free your pelvis to bend forward. Inhale, lift through your spine, and tone the leg muscles. Place the belt over your right shoulder in case you need it to connect your hands. Raise your right arm up in front of you at a forty-five-degree angle, turn your palm up, and retract the arm into the shoulder socket.

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