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Yoga notions as empty signs

What would probably surprise a modern yoga sympathiser, reading through the written yoga texts through the ages, is that they are not very specific. We do not get a clear picture of the various techniques. Neither do we get precise descriptions of the diverse cultural preconditions, which also often are required – like lifestyle, ethics, knowledge, experience, teaching, initiation and so on – in order to get there. Further the description of there is often mystified and deliberately held vague. In other words not even the use-value or purpose of yoga comes across clearly.

So seen from the point of a yoga novice, the texts have very little utility, if the purpose is to learn and understand – especially the practicalities of yoga. Clearly the texts were never written with the purpose of transmitting practical knowledge skills. Some few texts at first glance seem to put effort into describing what the yoga adept gets from practice – its use-value. But on closer inspection the reader will soon start to wonder whether the descriptions -philosophical signs like samadhi, Siva consciousness, Kundalini, kaivalya, non-dual realisation, buddhi – really are based on the actual experiences derived from yoga practice. These signs point towards other religio-philosophical signs rather than to actual meditative trance experiences. The suspicion arises that this highly philosophical discourse is instead about forcing pre-conceived religio-philosophical signs upon various ASC experiences. Such yoga discourse and its signs systems are in the words of Baudrillard a simulation – a fake -where signs in a circular way point towards each other and never towards a referent and reality.

Instead, the implicit ideological purpose of such discourse is to generate symbolic-value. The discourse is trying to establish itself and its skills as a respectable knowledge system. It tries to link itself to powerful established cultural signs (or establish new similar powerful signs). This ideological manoeuvre of symbolic linking creates social identities – the professional yogis – who become the specialist of this kind of knowledge and skills and who are charged with cultural and symbolic capital.

Repeat on the other side. Purpose: To produce a Yoga eagle pose strong shoulder stretch that addresses the superior two-thirds of the trapezius, rhomboids, deltoids Yoga eagle pose , and teres minor. To move the ribs’ spinal joints. Contraindications: Posterior labral tear, Hill-Sachs deformity. Prop: A chair optional. Avoiding pitfalls: Do not force it. If this is too difficult, do the Crossover Cactus see 105 from the shoulder series. Sit toward the front of the chair, with your spine tall and feet flat.

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