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Pull your sitting bones and buttocks back and apart with your Yoga definition hands. Bring your arms in front of you, bending the elbows at ninety degrees. Yoga definition Point your hands upward. Hook your right elbow or at least the forearm under your left elbow crease. Intertwine your forearms so that the fingers of your left hand hook onto the palm of your right hand. Inhaling, lift from inside your chest, and pull your upper arms back into your shoulder sockets. On your next inhalation, lift your elbows up, keeping your hands pointing straight up. On exhalation, slide your shoulder blades gently down your back.

In summary, there are good reasons why we cannot reduce the signified of yoga to some essence – to its true nature – because the meaning and core principles of yoga techniques are defined and created by the surrounding sign configuration or discourses. Yoga discourses are a part of society and change when the overall society changes. Thus there are in my view no authentic and inauthentic’ styles of yoga – there are only various historical forms and none of them can claim possession of essence and core principles.

This relational philosophical view of yoga – which I call genealogical’ – is often called a non-reductionist’ view as it rejects even the possibility of reducing things to their essence

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