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For yoga, says Katz, this means that crucial notions – defining the purpose of the practice -like kaivalya, Kundalini, siddhi, jivan-mukti and Siva-anubhava must be understood as such fused conglomerates of experience-interpretation’. The notions mentioned are shaped by a wide range of concepts which the yogi brings to and uses to bring about the mystical experience’.384

Here Katz is in direct disagreement with much yoga philosophy. In much of the yoga discourse notions like kaivalya’ and brahman realisation’ have been defined as experiences happening in non-conceptual states of minds’,states where the mind is free of any interpretations. It is a state of pure experience’, happening even before any pre-understanding kicks in. So following constructional views, the yogi virtuoso – absorbed in non-conceptual mind states – claims to have access to primitive centres of the brain which process input even before any pre-understanding has set in.

Ankylosing Spondylitis: Poses for People Whose Spines Are Already Fused Yoga classes Purpose: To strengthen the extensors of the shoulders and stretch the flexors. Contraindications: Recent Yoga classes rotator cuff tear. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, use a belt. Prop: Possibly a belt. Avoiding pitfalls: Be sure to lift up your chest and spine before you pull your upper arms back. Do not lock your elbows, and if your back arches a lot, pull back through the sides of your waistline. Stand tall, with feet parallel and hip-width apart, and your hands clasped behind you or your wrists inside a looped belt. Breathe in and lift the front of your chest so that your shoulders are square across from side to side, and not slumped down on the edges.

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