Yoga Asana post Vinyasa Flow Warm Up

Welcome to Tyrone Yoga following the warm up 1 and warm up 2 of the Durham yoga sequence we practice Sun salute a Surya Namaskar a and Surya Namaskar B then we do variations in Surya Namaskar B today we’ll look at Surya Namaskar b2 and Surya namaskara b5 of the d’haran yoga sequence coming to the top of the mat samasthiti V keeping the gaze steady bending the knees lift the arms up utkat Asana as you exhale forward fold uttan Asana inhale lengthen the spine part way and exhale step or jump back lower chaturanga dand Asana inhale open upward facing and exhale downward facing dog right foot forward left heel down Veerabhadra sana warrior 1 slowly hands through Center with awareness take the hands behind the back clasp the fingers inhale open lengthen and exhale slowly coming forward, if possible to the inside of the right knee or the inside of the right foot keep the arms moving over the head keep the back leg very strong and maintain your breath steady inhale using strong legs to come all the way up virabhadr Asana warrior one exhale hands down to the earth step it back heels pressing back lower chaturanga dand Asana gliding through advocacy on Asana exhale ro mukha Svan Asana left foot forward right heel down inhale virabhadr Asana warrior one slow steady sting with lots of awareness clasping the fingers behind the back inhale expand exhale slowly coming forward trying to maintain some length in the spine even as you come forward and down letting the arms reach as far forward as they can and feel free to use a strap between the hands.

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If you need to help in creating some more space for the shoulders keeping the back leg very strong. And then reaching up all the way virabhadr Asana kau slowly exhale chaturanga dand Asana coming through the arms forward and up up with the upper chest exhale Auto mukha Svan Asana breathing keeping the bandha alive right foot forward variation for slowly coming up Veerabhadra sonica focus watch your right hand slow and steady buta Bhadra Sonic ah Warrior 2 spinous tall arms are active reaching forward. And then turned back reversing back the ROI or reverse warrior 2 coming forward parsvakon Asana extended side angle long line of energy all the way from the back foot through the spine through the side of the body through the arm that reaches all over the head bondas are still working.

So you’re not collapsing onto the right arm lifting the arm lifting the gaze warrior 2 straightening the front leg reaching forward taking triangle pose trikon Asana optional wrapping the left arm behind the back try to work towards the inner right thigh coming forward taking our touch on drisana Halfmoon you can take the classic with a hand down or the drone yoga variation with the hand to the heart left leg back leg in the air very strong and powerful reaching all the way back landing strong powerful arms and as you exhale with awareness legs back lowering chaturanga dand Asana inhale urdhva mukha Svan Asana exhale ro mukha Svan Asana left foot comes forward right here spins down Madras Anika steady energy with focus left arm opens forward right arm back Veerabhadra sana ha Warrior 2 reaching forward reversing the warrior shoulders are rotating inwards.

So that you have space for the neck coming forward parsvakon Asana extended side angle pressing strong with a back leg front knee goes towards 90 degrees just make sure it never passes the ankle keep opening up it’s like I’m trying to look underneath the armpit towards the sky inhale coming up warrior two straightening the front leg reaching forward trikon Asana stay here or, if you like wrapping the right arm behind the back towards the inner thigh even though I’m lowering the gaze down to balance. Because I’m doing it with no hand I’m still gonna try and keep the right shoulder opening staying sideways half-moon ardha chandr Asana.

So that it does not become a warrior 3 keeping the gaze at one spot reaching back landing steady warrior 2 cartwheel the hands to the earth step back slowly lower chaturanga dand Asana inhale urdhva mukha exhale hips up press back Auto mukha Svan Asana stay and breathe pressing firmly with the hands heels reaching down Bundys alive. And then look between the hands bend the knees step jump and exhale forward fold bend the knees lifting the arms up with cat Asana and as you exhale coming back up samastitihi thank you everyone I hope you enjoyed the practice and see you again soon.

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