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Namaskar and maybe that and welcome to an endeavor yoga for osteoarthritis of ankles osteoarthritis of anchors reduces the range of movement of the ankles there is swelling in the ankles and most of the time there is pain in the ankles this set of Awesome’s will help you prevent your ankles from having osteoarthritis, if osteoarthritis is detected early it will also help you to cure the osteoarthritis please do this set of arsons as per your capacity are the chandr Asana this arson can be done with the support of the wall or can be done without the support in this post you will learn how to do it with the support of the wall ardha chandr Asana will help you to strengthen your ankles as the weight goes just on one leg. So you are the general Tsin your back is nearly touching the wall you spread your legs about two two and a half or three feet distance turn the right feet on the right side your kept a break for a support so bend the leg.

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And catch the brick you adjust the brake position as for your comfort now slowly start shifting the weight towards the right leg. And just the brake position and start straightening the right leg you are touching the wall. So that you don’t lose the balance the left leg comes up in line with your body your body is touching the wall once again ‘harry Beach then slowly take the hand up palm facing forward and back side of the palm touching the wall. And you look towards the thumb of the upper hand maintain pull the knee of the right leg up to the leg remains straight. And enjoy this wonderful Asin which will help you to strengthen the legs down then when you want to come out again turn the face in front bring the hand down and slowly start taking the leg down with bending the right leg. And come back to normal position you do the same thing on the left side also you.

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