What Type Of Exercise Is Pilates

What Type Of Exercise Is Pilates

Charting Your Progress

Every six weeks, you should record your body measurement progress. For example, if you are a 5’2″ woman who initially weighs 146 pounds, of which 42% (61.32 lbs) is fat, you need to gain 11.02 pounds of muscle and lose 47.02 pounds of fat, which will take you 50.09 weeks (see the calculations for this in Body Type 7, page 90).


Reviewing Your Progress in Pictures very time you have lost 6% of your Ideal Body Weight (for most people, every six weeks), take three full-body photographs of yourself in a brief bathing suit (bikini for women) front, back, and side and one frontal close-up photograph of your face from the shoulders up.

Arrange the photographs as in Figure 8.19, below, to observe your progress in body shape and posture. Looking at the first week of pictures will encourage you to never want that body again and will motivate you to continue toward your goal. When you have achieved it, the pictures will inspire you to keep the best body you’ve ever had.

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