What Exercises To Avoid During Pregnancy

What Exercises To Avoid During Pregnancy

Once alignment has been achieved and commitment is fully taken, then thoughts that do not serve this purpose of commitment are exceedingly counter-productive. Chief amongst these is doubt about the validity of the first two steps. The mind is capable of very clever rationalisations. The resistance to the will of the soul shows up powerfully in the lower mind, subject as it is to the Great Illusion. Steeped in materialistic thoughtforms, the mind and the minds of others will present to the yogi the many reasons why such a purpose is unrealistic, cannot be accomplished and so forth. This clamour of resistance, if it is allowed to gain any foothold, will eat away at the commitment and force a crisis, eventually resulting in a cycle of return to the alignment stage. The energy of the ashram instead of flowing through into the three worlds, bounces off the concrete mind and loops back on itself. The time for doubt is before commitment and not after, as any warrior will tell you. Doubt once the battle has commenced is debilitating and the chief obstacle to be encountered at the mental level.

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Try to catch hold of the tip of doubt. Do not bind your feet with such spotted thongs. Verily, it is easier to bear a snake in your bosom than be strangled by the boa-constrictor of doubt.112

If the commitment of the soul is unshakeable it can discipline the mind, not through repression but through positive direction. It must engage the mind as a good servant, rebuffing its messages of negativity and putting it to work instead finding reasons that support the commitment and solutions for the very problems it has come up with.

The mind must be so ‘charged’ with the will of the soul that it eventually refuses to entertain negative thoughtforms automatically and spends its energies in building positive ones.

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