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If we return to the three first chapters of HYP, the word perfection’ repeatedly springs to mind as the goal of practice. But perfection does not mean still mind’, the goal of the samadhi discourse. Samadhi does not really fit into the context of the early chapters – it is redundant. Here perfection is often a part of what we could label the koshas discourse. Let me give an introduction to how this model is typically presented in popular hatha-yoga discourse.

In this discourse as we have seen in the HYP prana is constructed as either fluids or divine forces. It is in this second understanding of prana that the notion is connected with liberation discourses. Here prana is about transforming breath and life energies which awakens Kundalini. Prana is in other words an activator of Kundalini – or prana is in the end Kundalini.

As prana moves up through higher and higher chakras of the energy body,322 it penetrates and energises higher and higher levels of the five koshas (sheets). Each chakra is in other words related to a layer (sheet). So as prana rises through higher chakras, it also moves through more and more subtle and refined koshas. First it energises the citta-body (citta means mind) in the mano-kosha, then the intellect buddhi-body (buddhi means intellect) in the vijna-kosha and then finally hits ananda-body (ananda means bliss) in the ananda-kosha. As they are all energised, perfection’ is achieved according to this discourse. According to this model, perfection is logically a state where all five koshas are energised. Together, in present day terms they resonate and vibrate with divine frequencies. Then there is release’ – the awakening of Kundalini and Sakti energies.

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