Waist Trainers Seem to Be a Big Trend Lately, But do They Actually Work? Are They Even Considered Safe?

Waist trainers are nothing more than modern-day corsets and, with long-term use, offer the same negative impact of the traditional corset. Think: poor posture, weakened back muscles, squeezed organs and much more.

Waist Trainers Seem to Be a Big Trend Lately, But do They Actually Work? Are They Even Considered Safe? Photo Gallery

The human body is designed with a rib cage to protect its organs and allow them the space they require to remain functioning at their best. With a waist trainer, you are essentially squeezing the protective layer of bone, and adding unnecessary pressure on the organs and compromise breathing— everything from the lungs to the the kidneys to the spine. By using a waist trainer, you are essentially pushing everything together, and in severe cases, repositioning organs or ribs completely, which can lead to permanent damage. Waist

trainers merely provide the illusion of creating a narrow waist for a short period of time. They should not be part of living a healthy lifestyle.


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FROM: Vivian Zapanta, a instructor trainer and owner of three locations of Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio in Manna, Philippines


“I was born and raised in Manila.”


“A mix of Pilates based on Joseph Pilates’ original work, but it’s infused with modern biomechanics and exercise science, to rehabilitate injuries, specially the back.”


My studio services a variety of clients from the young to senior citizens. Nowadays, we have a lot of clients with back, knee, shoulder and hip pain, recovering from broken ankles, and also post-operative athletes. The majority of my staff are licensed physical therapists. My own clients are instructors in training (I also travel around the world—Bangkok, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hawaii, Kuwait—to train others), but prior to that, I taught mostly CEOs, wives of politicians and celebrities. MANILA’S PILATES “CULTURE”: “Today, I can honestly say that Pilates is growing in the Philippines and will continue to grow, as evidenced by my three studios. But just as in any business, we have to continuously educate the public on the value of Pilates. As one of my clients recently said, ‘Vivian,

now I have a life! I never thought I would live my life without pain until you introduced Pilates to me.'”

FOR MORE INFO: www.vivianzapanta.com or email [email protected]

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