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This is an important insight. The soul undertakes the holding of the personality point of tension once the lower self has achieved the requisite point of tension. This allows the incarnating identity the disciple to be free for a time from his own lower vehicles without them losing their focus. This requires the transfer of identity from mind to solar angel to Fourth Creative Hierarchy in two fluid steps.

Identity is a shifting process, but the capacity to identify is the result of the combined functioning of the Fourth and Fifth Creative Hierarchies. The human soul can be considered masculine to its devic feminine counterpart, the solar angel. The human soul considered as triadal operates on the three planes of the triad, but it operates through the devic life of those planes and this life is part of a three-fold ‘entity’ of its own.

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This entity could be called the ‘Angel of the Presence’. The other entity composed of the intelligence of substance with which we are familiar is the ‘Dweller on the Threshold’, which could be said to be the combined intelligence of the three vehicles of the personality. Where this intelligence has not been ‘solarised’ it remains resistant to fusion with the Angel.

The human soul first of all thinks it is (identifies with) its personality vehicles until finally it integrates a coherent sense of identity called the personality, which is able to formulate a purpose and direct the lives that compose its three vehicles. This sense of self is gradually transferred into the soul via the causal body on the higher mental plane. The human ‘soul’ now must go through a further disidentification process from the matter of the planes of the triad in order to integrate itself into a coherent purposeful identity on the atmic plane as a ‘Master’, and eventually realise itself as the monad who operates through the Angel in the same way that the soul operates through the Dweller or the personality.

The Angel of the Presence then is part of the same triadal being that also consists of the solar angel and represents the devic counterpart to the human soul. The aim of the human evolution is to gradually disidentify itself from the devic evolution before realising its identical source on the monadic plane.

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