Types Of Breathing In Yoga

Walking on exhaling:

Stand still on inhaling or take a step forwards. And then exhale during the next 3-10 steps. With this exercise that is recommended by Dr. Hermann Greinwald in his brochure The Gastein cure, it comes to deep exhalation, whereby the air is pressed out of the lungs. If you quietly perform this exercise for 5-10 minutes, it can have a very structuring and relaxing effect for you.

Blowing out a candle:

Blow the air out through the mouth as if you were trying to blow out a visualised candle for as long as is possible. Then allow the inhalation to happen by itself.

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Blowing in short breathing bursts:

Breath in short bursts over the back of your hand like you were trying to dry a sheet of paper.

Place your palms on the body below the sternum, blubber with the lips loosely apart like the lid of a pot with boiling water. The abdominal wall thereby sofly retracts whilst you are extensively exhaling.

Allowing to sink into the trough of the wave whilst lying:

On inhaling allow yourself to be lifted up from the breathing wave, and on exhaling sink into the trough of the wave. Afer a while slowly extend the trough of the wave on exhaling and allow yourself to comfortably sink into the trough of the wave.

Pressing on the abdominal wall whilst lying:

On exhaling gently press your hands on the abdominal wall until you can feel the visceral organs in the abdomen, while you breathe into your hands on inhaling.

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