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Shatkarma means the six actions – understood as the six cleaning or purification exercises. The shatkarmas are about physical cleansing of the internal tracts of the body.

Dhauti – internal clcansing (12 variants)

Basil – colon clcansing (2 variants)

Ned – nasal clcansing (4 variants)

Trataka eyes clcansing (2 variants)

Nauli – abdominal massage

Kapalbhati skull clcansing (3 variants)

The six shatkarmas as described in HYP are actually six groups of techniques, where each group has its variants. Dhauti is internal cleansing (twelve variants) and is about cleansing the stomach for instance by swallowing a long cloth and then pulling it out again through the mouth. Basti (two variants) are the techniques of colon cleansing – enema. Neti (four variants) is nasal cleansing where for instance salt water is poured through the nostrils. Trataka is eye cleansing (two variants) performed for instance by concentrated gazing on a candle flame without blinking. Kapalbhati (three variants) is skull cleansing done by breathing fast and powerfully in and out of the nose. Finally nauli is abdominal massage.

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