Kevin Bowen, an internationally renowned advocate and authority in the Pilates industry, shares what the nonprofit he founded is all about—and why you should get initiated.

“The Pilates Initiative’s mission is to be an informational resource, and to support and advocate for the professional Pilates community, as well as to promote and further the Pilates method through community outreach and involvement,” explains Core Dynamics owner and director Kevin Bowen, who dreamt up the idea in response to the current status of the Pilates community coupled with the changing political landscape in regard to health care. “TPI takes a grassroots approach to these goals by creating an active, involved group of members and supporters.”


GROUP EFFORT: “I felt that as a community we could do so much more to assist in making the world a healthier place, and what better way to do this than to support local communities through and with the Pilates method?”

GOALS: “Our initial goal is to get our membership involved through weekly community movement classes and monthly self-health classes and seminars,” says Bowen, who cofounded the Pilates Method Alliance in 2001. “We would like to get 100 different locations up and running by the end of the year, if not sooner. We will also be starting the TPI Relief Fund to assist members of our organization who are the victims of a natural disaster or extenuating economic or health hardships and in need of assistance. Members can apply through an annual application process. TPI will also provide ongoing advocacy for the Pilates community in terms of limited lobbying and legislative involvement when needed.”

“We are also planning a program for children called Camp Pilates as a way to bring Pilates and wellness to many of our underserved children. Our final outreach initiative is Move Well – Thrive. This initiative will focus on bringing healthy movement to special populations such as seniors, caregivers and more.”

“The PMA provides an entrylevel national certification standard exam for the Pilates profession, is a membership association and offers an approval process for some instructortraining programs,” explains Bowen. “TPI is a membership organization and public charity whose main focus is supporting the Pilates method. TPI does not approve instructortraining programs or offer a national certification exam.”

“There are currently three levels of membership: Enthusiast (for the Pilates practitioner); Instructor (for an individual instructor of the Pilates method); and Business Member (for studios, facilities or businesses related to the Pilates method). More than just joining, we are asking all of our members to get actively involved by supporting our initial outreach, TPI community classes.” For more information, visit

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