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So, according to Pflueger, the discourse of supernatural power is not accidental and not an appendix to the yoga discourse of the YS. So even if the YS brushes supernatural power aside in a short by-the-way-comment, we should be aware that this could be just a rhetorical trick: the yogis say they have the power – but they are not going to show us! In this line of argument power discourses and the build up of symbolic capital are inherent in – not an appendix to – to the YS. The YS is about creating social difference and elevating the liberation specialist to a semi-divine stratum in society.

Early-yoga discourse among the Brahmins pays little attention to supernatural powers and Samkhya. However both the YS and the Mahabharata interweave various yoga techniques with Samkhya discourse and both make supernatural powers intrinsic to yoga. This could be an indication that the YS belongs to the same stratum of intellectual upper castes of Axial Age India as the Mahabharata: the mixed milieu of ascending Kshatriyas and Sramanas. Such a milieu would have a strong interest in mixing yoga with discourses on supernatural powers. This could explain the centrality of supernatural powers in the YS.

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