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Data suggest that nootropics work better when combined with vitamins and Salutation Seal minerals Schneider, Popa, Mihalas, Stefaniga, Mihalas et al. Piracetam and other nootropics Salutation Sealmay augment the benefits of CPH Fischer, Schmidt, & Wustmann Salutation Seal , 1984. BCE-001 is a nootropic drug currently in phase IV testing. Similar Salutation Seal to CPA, but with a modification of the PCPA moiety, BCE-001 has twice as many loosely bound electrons to neutralize OH-radicals.

In vitro and in vivo studies found effects similar to but more rapid than CPH: improved neuronal membrane fluidity, reversal of membrane protein crosslinking in rat brain cortex, and reversal of the neuronal membrane passive potassium permeability with neuronal rehydration.

BCE-001 was more effective than CPH in reversing age-related decline in messenger RNA synthesis in rat brain, thus increasing protein synthesis Zs-Nagy, 1994, 2002. Pyrrolidinones Racetams Racetams are nootropic compounds neural metabolic enhancers. Although piracetam has been most frequently studied, aniracetam, oxiracetam, and pramiracetam are more potent.

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