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We have followed the transformation of the proto-yoga discourse into an emergent yoga discourse. Let us take a sociological overview of yoga so far. We have identified three social groups and their accompanying institutions, which were occupied in evolving proto-yoga and early-yoga discourses. First of all there were the Sramanas. This cultural field of ascetic mendicants conceived the use- and symbolic-value of proto-yoga. Often they were specialists, assisting dying people in a ritual correct death; they could help peoples’ souls not to suffer in death or return to life; they could manage spirits, heal the sick, exorcise demons and predict the future. These knowledge-skills – to a modern reader most of them seem supernatural – induced the adept with symbolic capital and provided an economical foundation.

The Sramanas were mostly recruited from the ruling classes of the emerging civilisation and empire state. Many of them were initially squeezed out by war and centralisation. Sramanic discourses quickly found their way back to the dominating ruling classes -especially the Kshatriyas who were attracted by the prospect of acquiring some of the supernatural powers associated with yoga practices. It could have been in such an upper class milieu of yoga sympathisers that the term yoga was coined. Yoga in this milieu became closely linked to siddhi – an attractive proposition to a warrior.

And increased to 800 mg The net result was significant improvement Revolved Head-to-Knee Yoga Pose in energy, physical strength, bradykinesia, tremulousness, handwriting, and arthritis pain. The Revolved Head-to-Knee Yoga Pose sleep attacks ceased. A trial of huperzine-A for memory was discontinued due to gastrointestinal distress. Dr. P. was found to have low levels of DHEA 44 and free testosterone, which were treated with DHEA 25 mg/day.

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