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Another text giving considerable consideration to the siddhis was the later Yoga Sutra. This sutra was not conceived within Brahmin institutions but among heterodox Samkhya intellectuals probably belonging to the urbanised ruling elites under discussion. This confirms the suggestion that the strong link between yoga and siddhi was not originally a Brahmin invention. It came to them from other social dominant classes and institutions, the Kshatriyas but also the Sramanas.

From early Buddhist texts there was clearly a link between Buddha and a supernatural world of ancestor spirits, demons, local gods, and semi-divine beings. Through his accomplishments Buddha could master this world. These supernatural powers became one of the reasons why the Sramanic discourses found their way into the ruling elites, especially the Kshatriya warrior nobles, who became enchanted by its potential, its symbolic capital.

Three open trials total of 50 patients showed positive effects using Purvottanasana Yoga Pose EPA plus DHA to augment antipsychotic medication Arvindakshan, Ghate, Ranjekar, Evans, & Mahadik Purvottanasana Yoga Pose , 2003; Mellor, Laugharne, & Peet, 1995; Sivrioglu et al., 2007. One controlled trial of EPA as a monotherapy no antipsychotics versus placebo reported somewhat positive results Peet et al., 2001. A meta-analysis of four of the EPA augmentation studies found that omega-3 fatty acids did not significantly improve symptoms of schizophrenia Freeman et al., 2006. Inconsistencies among studies may be due in part to differences in the age of participants, the length and severity of illness, the type of schizophrenia, the choice of antipsychotic medication, the kind and dosage of omega-3 fatty acid preparations, and the length of the augmentation treatment. Another review found evidence that purified ethyl-eicosapentanoic acid is modestly effective in reducing the doses of antipsychotic medication required to treat acutely ill schizophrenics Berger, Smesny, & Amminger, 2006 Further studies are needed.

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