Prenatal Yoga Practices to Do

Prenatal yoga helps relieve stress and prepares the body and the mind for the birth process. In a typical prenatal class you will practice the following:

Standing postures

Sitting or kneeling postures

Pelvic floor exercises

Restorative poses


Visualization and meditation Prenatal Postures to Avoid

There are certain postures that you should avoid during pregnancy. You might read or come across photos that show women in what looks to be precarious postures for the pregnant body, such as a head stand, or shoulder stand. Many of the women in these photos are yoga instructors or have practiced yoga for many years. They may modify the postures, or they feel confident enough with their bodies to practice such poses. However, it is not recommended that pregnant women practice the following types of poses.

Do not practice inverted postures, or poses that turn the body upside down.

A Note to the Reader:

The types of postures and poses (and some of the specific poses) mentioned in this chapter are found earlier, in chapter 4, “The Asana,” pages 55104.

Avoid poses that stimulate the abdomen a great deal. Likewise, avoid poses where you must lie on your stomach.

Avoid intense twisting poses.

Avoid supine poses after the twentieth week.

Avoid jumping into poses.

At the first sign of bleeding or cramping, discontinue yoga (or any exercise, for that matter) and call your doctor.

Come out of any pose that feels stressful.

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