Post Pregnancy Exercise Program

Post Pregnancy Exercise Program

Many people spend their lives involved in meaningless or counter-productive activity to try and accumulate enough money so that they can stop working altogether. A yogi works to express the highest purpose he can align to and knows there will never be an end to that work. It is a ‘ceaseless labour’ and in this he finds exultation because the work is a joy and an exhilarating adventure.

The energies available to him from his body and from the material world are invested fully and wisely towards the fulfilment of his purpose and that of Hierarchy, knowing that according to law there will always be greater and greater resources available to him as a result.

The key to understanding money is the recognition that all the money in the world belongs to the Christ as supreme commander of the forces of Light. All that individuals or groups who have money are doing (consciously or unconsciously) is holding it or investing it for him until it can be wisely spent in his great work.

When this is realised as a fact and not an ideal then all the resources, time and money that the personality has accumulated are given freely to the soul.

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