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Let us return to the issue of the overwhelming dominance of Samkhya in the YS. From a close reading of the YS, J. Bronkhorst in a paper Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras (1985) argues that due to certain internal inconsistencies in the YS and due to omissions and discrepancies between the first commentary (the Yoga-bhasya – meaning Yoga commentary) and the YS, it is probable that the author of the Yoga-bhasya is the person who actually collected the various sutras. He, the commentator – and not Patanjali – put the sutras together and then added his commentary on interpretations of the YS. Sometimes, according to Bronkhorst, it looks as though the commentator knew the original interpretations, but then dropped them and gave the interpretation he favoured.

Furthermore, it looks as though the commentator, using the name of the mythological person Vyasa, was a Samkhya specialist with no experience in meditation himself! His goal was to illuminate Samkhya hence the full title Patanjali s Authoritative Book on Yoga, an Exposition of Samkhya . His real name was probably Vindhyavasin. He might have attributed the YS to Patanjali, as Patanjali was a well recognised name.

For eight weeks, 15 schizophrenics were given olanzapine with gingko Parsvottanasana Yoga Pose and 14 were given olanzapine alone. Those given gingko augmentation had a significant reduction in positive Parsvottanasana Yoga Pose symptoms on the Positive Syndrome Scale PANSS. The group taking gingko also had significantly greater reductions in superoxide dismutase and catalase indicating reduced oxidative stress Atmaca, Tezcan, Kuloglu, Ustundag, & Kirtas, 2005. St. John’s Wort St. John’s Wort might improve cognitive function in schizophrenia. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled DBPC crossover study with 16 normal subjects, Kira 1500 mg/day improved the ketamine-induced decrease in N100-P200 peak amplitude when compared to placebo. Ketamine impairs the NMDA system and produces schizophreniform symptoms Murck, Spitznagel, Ploch, Seibel, & Schaffler, 2006.

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