Nostril Breathing Yoga

Taking up contact with a club or similar object:

With the right foot stand on a club (on a piece of bamboo pipe, a broomstick, a piece of rope or something similar), place your whole weight on this side of the body. Thereby first feel the sole of your foot, and then the club with its round edges. Afer a while relieve the foot again, in a light squatting position put it next to the other foot and feel. Then do the same with the left. foot.

Feel whether the contact of the soles of your feet to the floor has improved, whether your breathing has become livelier.

Breathing moves us:

Now whilst standing with an upright posture and freely moving try to remain standing. You will notice that you will not succeed in doing this because you will automatically start to sway through the movement of the breathing.

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Breathing swinging with a partner:

This exercise is also nice to do with a partner back to back, where both partners allow themselves to swing together with their breathing, without consciously performing variations or movements.

Breathing swinging in the group:

When we stand with the group in a circle, and we put our arms on each other’s shoulders or around the waist, without burdening our neighbour with our own weight, it slowly comes to a more or less harmonious tuning of the breathing within this group.

A group that is in a good state of harmony will show good movement and breathing coordination. Dissonances within the group will show in the form of interruptions, and uneven and uncoordinated movements.

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