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Many yoga popularisers argue that a yoga doctrine might have been developed within a parallel oral line of transmission, However, according to this line of argument, no-one in the practical milieu found it necessary or meaningful to write this doctrine down, as all their teaching was based on hands-on training followed by dialogues. And those conceiving the Upanishads were not particularly interested in detailing yoga, but rather in Brahmin theological contemplations on emerging new issues. Hence we have no indications left of an oral tradition.

The Mahabharata – a wide field of yoga styles

Some readers might wonder what the Mahabharata has to say about yoga since part of this enormous Epic was conceived at the same – or at a later part – of this period. The Epic is especially in the part called the Moksha-dharma discussing yoga, asceticism, meditation and liberation in much more detail than in the Upanishads. So in many ways the Mahabharata gives us a considerably better picture of the discussions, which probably took place within the oral and practical milieu. Many of these discussions confirmed the existence of a great variety of yoga discourses linking yoga to all kinds of sign systems or philosophies. Here Upanishad non-dual philosophy was often totally absent. But in the end the Mahabharata does not leave us with a doctrine on yoga but outlines multiple yoga forms. 190 Further details of yoga in the Mahabharata will be discussed in a later chapter.

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